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I, Nicola Kirk, would like to welcome you to the Designs Hair Studio web site and give you a little insight of our history and services. Designs Hair Studio has been in business for twenty six years and moved in December 2008 to our new premises in Movilla Street, Newtownards.

The Designs team consists of five members of staff and of course myself.

Our team of six is made up of three senior stylists Rhonda, Sonja and myself,plus three juniors Nikki, Emma and Catherine. Between us we have a wealth of knowledge and are highly experienced in hairdressing. We cater for all age groups and cover a full range of hairdressing techniques with colouring, foils and cutting being the most popular. Sonja is a fully qualified colour technichan having worked with Clynol and Lakme.

At Designs we offer a highly professional approach to our clients needs and their hair. Our job is to make you look and feel beautiful, relaxed and at ease. Here at Designs you will enjoy every minute of your visit to the Salon.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Services - more than just a quick chop

As well as the normal hair and beauty services, such as colouring, cuts and styling, that you can find in any salon, we offer some more unusual treatments.

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Reflexology is a specific pressure technique which works on the precise points of the feet, based on the premise that the reflexes or reflex areas on the feet correspond with all body parts. As the feet represent a microcosm of the body, all organs glands and other body parts are laid out in a similar arrangement of the feet.


  • reduce stress
  • encourage deep relaxation
  • improve circulation
  • cleanse the body of toxins and impurities
  • helps to balance the system
  • revitalise energy
  • helps the immune system

Why does reflexology work?

We are all affected by stress, worry and tension. This can result in imbalances in the body such as aches, pains and headaches etc. While reflexing certain points we find congestion as if there were grains of sand under the skin. These grains are composed of uric acid or calcium crystals. These crystals cause a blockage around the nerves and cut down on the normal stimulation of glands and organs.

Reflexology can assist the body by relaxing it and stimulating the nerve end to kick start it back to normal functioning. The crystals around the nerve endings can be crushed and then reabsorbed into the blood and then excreted through the body.

The main goal of reflexology is to maintain homeostasis or a state of equilibrium or balance. When the body is relaxed then healing is possible.


Each session is £40.00. Please ring for more information and available appointments.


Threading is a very effective natural depilation technique originating from India. The actual process involves twisting a piece of cotton thread into a double strand and picking up a line of hair to remove it. This in turn creates a very clean, precise brow line. This form of hair removal is not just for eyebrows but can also be used for other facial hair. As this method removes hair by the follicle it is a reasonably long lasting hair removal technique.

The action of threading is a preferred method of hair removal by far and has a big celebrity following.


  • Adds shape and definition to the brow
  • Raises the arch of the brow
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No red irritated skin
  • Clean precise brows


Eyebrows £10.00

Upper Lip £5.00

Chin £5.00

Integrity Hair Treatment System

Integrates the hair with its natural components to make it look and feel beautiful and healthy with all the necessary elements.

Hair is made up mostly of proteins which are lost through:

  • Bad diet
  • Intensive treatments
  • Stress

All of the above can influence the natural equilibrium and make the hair look dull and less healthy.

A Simple Two Step System

  • Level 1 Booster - Penetrate in depth to reintegrate and restructure the natural composition of the hair.
  • Level 2 Repair - Level 2- Creates an external barrier to protect the hair.
  • Level 3 Result - Beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.

Nano-Keratin Hair Treatment System

Introducing the Nanokeratin System- the hair straightening and smoothing repair system. Leading chemists at "Nanokeratin system" were the first to develop the Nanokeratin technology, a breakthrough in the field of hair straightening and repair.

The system utilizes nano-molecular keratin, whose particles are so minuscule that millions of them can be gathered on a pin head. The Nanokeratin particles are deposited and locked deep within the damaged hair, enveloping it within a permanent non-soluble coating, precisely mimicking natural keratin.

The result is smooth, shiny, silky hair. The Nanokeratin treatment renews your hair and helps it withstand humidity.

The innovative straightening and smoothing method that you will love!

"Nanokeratin System" is a revolutionary technology in the field of hair straightening and smoothing which is based on nano-molecules of keratin- your hairs natural building material. The particles mould perfectly into the structure of your hair and provide it with a softer, smoother, silkier look than ever before. We can now offer our clients the most advanced, efficient and healthy straightening method and smooth your way to success.

A revolutionary breakthrough in the field of hair smoothing. Greatly successful with damaged, lightened, blond and highlighted hair as well. Smoothing that repairs and nurtures your hair, promotes beautiful, soft, flexible, shiny and healthy hair.

This system is appropriate for all types of hair, it gives hair vitality and styling manageability.

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We are a very modern salon based in Newtownards and are fully qualified and professional in all aspects of hairdressing. We provide beauty and hair services aswell as also specialising in threading and reflexology.

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